The fastest way to schedule your dinner plans via mobile app.

Fringe matches you and your friend(s) calendars to instantly find the best times you all are free to get together.

Pick your friends


Pick your friends.

Choose your friends directly from your contacts. You can even create "Social Circles" (group friends together) to make the invite process that much easier.


Pick the get-together.

Dinner? Happy Hour? Tickets to a ball game? Let your friend(s) know what you want to do.


Choose a date and time.

Fringe lets you know the 3 best dates/times that you & your friend(s) are available. Everyone votes for their favorite date. Majority vote wins.


You're ready to go!

Once plans are finalized, they automatically sync with your calendar. And, just in case you forget, we'll send you a reminder the day of your get together.